Night Watch protecting the Royals for more than 2000 years Always on guard, always vigilant. Dealing with the things that go bump in the dark for over 2000 years Something’s are worth protecting but that protection has a price.

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Night Watch believes that good play and consistent success are dependent on the group you play with.  We are stronger together, and we strive to be the best in MWO while focusing on cohesion, camaraderie, and fun. Through our dynamic we improve, through our improvement we dominate.  Through domination we conquer and we do so knowing that every member is our strongest asset.



We fight for Honor and the Glory of victory...
We fight for Glory and the Fame is brings...
We fight for Fame and the Wealth it makes...
We fight for Wealth and the Women it charms...
We fight for Night Watch and the Honor it brings...


Stuffy didn't know if it was the hallucinations from the horrible cooking in Ugly's mess hall, or that half his weapons loadout was gone, but he was sweating.

 "Come on you big bastard, go down!" He growled as he fired what weapons he had left into the Atlas's rear plate. Just then the giant did an abrupt about-face, killing his forward momentum in an effort to rotate his upper torso faster. The sweat dripping down into Stuffy's eyes blinded him to the fact that he was running straight into a dead end - the side of the hulking machine, big as a mountain, suddenly loomed over his cockpit.

 "Damnit!" The expletive blasted across open comms as he wildly tried to wipe the sweat from his eyes while slamming his controls into reverse.  At the same time, it felt as though whatever small and obviously undercooked creature he had eaten that morning was trying to work its way back out of his stomach.  Stuffy vowed to have words with Ugly and his so-called chow - if he survived.

 By the time he was able to see, there it was, bigger than life, one-hundred tons of war machine staring him down .  The hulking beast was damaged, for sure, but still more than capable of finishing him off. The Atlas squared his torso to Stuffy's mech, lifted his steel fists, and then promptly fell over.

 "Foxtrot Down", came the call over comms as another Centurion slowly appeared behind the falling corpse of the giant.

"Next round's on you, Stuffy!" Zoot cheered as he wheeled away in search of fresh prey.


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